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Meet the team

Small but perfectly formed - find out a little more about our instructors

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Dr. Diana Entwistle

I absolutely love what I do which is why I wanted to share my knowledge with more people. I have  a wide range of qualifications including;

+ PhD in research into figure skating

+ HNC in Sport Science

+Diploma in Biological Science

+BSc (hons) in Biological & Sport Science.

+ I'm a qualified Sports Therapist, Fitness Trainer, Yoga, Aerial Yoga  & Pilates Instructor  I have worked alongside many World class coaches across the world.

Fern Korro

I I  I got into circus via gymnastics coaching and then was hooked. I predominantly do Rope however dabble in a bit of everything from straps to handstands. My favourite bit of aerial is doubles because of the relationships and trust you build when training it.



After doing gymnastics throughout my childhood and early teen years I was looking for a fun way to get upside-down again, I found circus and fell in love! Silks are my favourite but hoop is a close second, and I've even managed to transfer my "ground yoga" practice to aerial yoga too. I am an aerial yoga instructor and also teach children's circus classes.